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Modest Software, Inc.

JSpamFilter by ModestSoftware, Inc.
JSpamFilter is a platform-independent, server-side spam email filter for SMTP mail servers.


Note on 64-bit Compatibility:

A 64-bit compatible version of JSpamFilter is currently under development.

We recommend only using

JSpamFilter with 32-bit systems.

Please use our free trial option to make sure that JSpamFilter works for you.

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  Platform independent and works with all SMTP mail servers: written in Java, JSpamFilter is not tied to any operating system or mail server platform and will run on any machine that supports a current Java Runtime Environment.
  Flexible installation options: JSpamFilter can run on any machine in the mail flow including gateways, the mail server itself or on a separate machine.
  DNSBL filters: Use DNS-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBLs) to test mail based on who sends it.
  SURBL filters: Use Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBLs) to test message bodies for URIs used by spammers.
  Content filters: Use Key Words and Key Phrases test message content for keywords and phrases.
  Attachment filters: Block messages with particular attachment types.
  Easy-to-Use Scoring and Rating: JSpamFilter's behaviour is easily controlled through simple settings made by the Administrator.
  Mail handling options: JSpamFilter forwards clean mail untouched and JSpamFilter can be configured to process suspected spam email by tagging the message subject line, blocking the message, refusing the connection, or sending the message to a Dead Letter mail box.
  Open Relay protection is built in: JSpamFilter provides addtional network protection for your mail server and will keep your mail server from becoming an open relay that can be abused by spammers.
  Flexible logging options: JSpamFilter has several logging levels that let you analyze who's been sending mail to you.
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