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JSpamFilter is intended to be used with Internet mail servers (Mail Transfer Agents or MTAs) that use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). In order to successfully use JSpamFilter, certain conditions need to be satisfied:

 If you answer "Yes" to the following, then JSpamFilter makes sense for you.

  • Are you running a Mail (Email) Server?  JSpamFilter is a server-side spam email filter and is not meant to be used with client-side applications like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or other email client applications.
  • Is your mail server listed in the MX record of your DNS?  The IP address of your mail server should be listed in the MX of your DNS records so that mail sent by other mail servers is sent directly to your mail server. If you are working with a store-and-forward or just forwarding mail service from, for instance, your ISP, JSpamFilter may not work well with your network configuration.
  • Will JSpamFilter be able to "see" incoming mail server connections?  In order for the DNSBL look-ups to work, JSpamFilter needs to be able to detect the IP address of mail servers that are attempting to send mail to your server. Thus JSpamFilter needs to be the first "link in the email chain". JSpamFilter can be installed on most firewalls and gateways. See our installation checklist and compatible systems pages for more information. Additionally, firewalls will typically forward the IP address of incoming connections, so JSpamFilter can be installed behind a firewall.

 JSpamFilter makes sense if you are:

  • Concerened about liability issues associated with inappropriate content:  While no spam filter is perfect, JSpamFilter can be configured in several strengths, to complement existing security efforts, and to be risk-free of lost email.
  • Concerned about attachments being sent to your users:  While JSpamFilter is in no way meant to replace anti-virus and other security software, it does complement and integrate with such efforts.

In order to properly deploy JSpamFilter, you should have a basic working knowledge of DNS and IP networking. ModestSoftware provides the links below as an information service and makes no warranty about the accuracy of the information provided on these sites.

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