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Which JSpamFilter Version is Right for Your Business?
(Small Office / Home Office)        
10 or fewer mailboxes
50 or fewer mailboxes
Capable of handling very significant amounts of mail
(1000's of mailboxes*, only limited by machine capacity)
Suitable for home servers and small offices. Suitable for small to mid-size businesses. Applicable to large installations.

We've measured the Enterprise version of JSpamFilter to take less than 30ms (milliseconds) to process typical email messages on a 1.33 GHz Pentium III with 512 MB RAM running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (please see our system requirements page for more details). Using this guide, the Enterprise version of JSpamFilter could handle over 1,000 messages a minute.

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The SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) and Small Business versions of JSpamFilter are comparably as fast under lower loads levels. For these versions, performance will suffer if the number of mailboxes covered exceeds recommended amounts.

*Some of our customers use this version to successfully cover several thousand mailboxes.

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