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Read what JSpamFilter customers are saying.
We are very grateful for the following testimonials by JSpamFilter customers.
We want to thank everyone who has used JSpamFilter and for all the kind comments and suggestions we've received.
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Our company tested numerous anti-spam products in a lab environment for over a year. These products ranged from about $20,000.00 to over $100,000.00. Even though they all claimed to block 90-95 percent of spam, the best performers barely reached the 50 percent mark. We decided that it was not worth it to spend this kind of money to get only marginal results. We decided to hold off until better technologies evolved.
When we started researching Realtime-Black Lists, we found a lot of articles bashing them on their inaccuraces and false positives. Our lab testing showed otherwise. Our current SMTP security gateway does not have RBL support so we installed JSPAMFILTER and configured it to listen on port 25. We then changed the security gateway to listen on port 26. The process was fairly simply and the product has proven very reliable.
The result is we are currently blocking about 66 percent of all inbound spam using four free Real-time Blacklists. We are always testing additional blacklists and believe we can get this number even higher. There has been about a 95 percent reduction in pornographic spam messages. The pornographic spam disturbed us the most because it threathened our liability. The heavy load our mail and security servers were under has now reduced because they don't have to process nearly as much junk mail. We've had very few false positives mainly because we chose accurate lists. False positives that do occur can be easily white-listed by JSpamFilter.
In summary, we did this all for under two thousand dollars. We are amazed how many companies ignore Real-Time Blacklists considering how effective they've become. I have no reservations in giving JSPAMFILTER my highest recommendation.
Network Engineer
We have been using JspamFilter filter since March of 2004 and have been very satisfied with the product. We have found that JspamFilter works with approximately 99.9 percent accuracy and has almost totally eliminated the voluminous amounts of spam that we were receiving daily. In addition the product has been easy to manage even though it requires centralized administration.

Again, thank you.

Ralph A. S.

*Data Processing Manager*
From: darius@....
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 7:55 AM
Subject: We love your product.

We are having great success with your product. If you're ever looking for a customer testimonial, look to me.

Darius J. T.
Sr. Network Engineer

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