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Modest Software, Inc.

JSpamFilter can help protect students from inappropriate content and attachments.

JSpamFilter is now FREE for schools!

Educators face tremendous challenges. They need to encourage their students to learn about and adopt technology to develop the skills they will need in the job market. Early exposure to these ideas is critical in a child's education. However, educators need to protect these same students from exposure to inappropriate content, and also work with their network personnel to make sure that the classroom PCs do not become portals by which student records are compromised.
In these times of budget constraints and cutbacks, JSpamFilter is an incredible bargain for educators who hope to add to their security measures in protecting their students from inappropriate content and commercial solicitation.
ModestSoftware is proud to offer free JSpamFilter Enterprise licenses to qualified educational institutions.
Please contact us to request a free JSpamFilter Enterprise license for your school.(*)
(*) To qualify, all you need to do is to request a license using an email address from your school (i.e., from an "edu" domain) and a free license will be sent to you at that address; additionally, the license is only to be used on mail servers processing mail for the edu domain covered by the license.

Click here to request a free JSpamFilter Enterprise license for your school.

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