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 : Platform-Independent
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JSpamFilter is fully platform independent:
JSpamFilter Is Not Tied To Any Operating System Platform: JSpamFilter will run on any* operating system platform that has a current Java Runtime Environment (JRE, version 1.4.x or later).
JSpamFilter Is Not Tied To Any Mail Server Platform: JSpamFilter will work with any** SMTP mail server, so if you choose to change mail server platforms, JSpamFilter will work with your new mail server.
JSpamFilter runs on the Java Virtual Machine.
The Java Virtual Machine (VM) runs on the host operating system.
JSpamFilter is based on Java, the language from Sun Microsystems.

Java has the advantage that it is not tied to any particular operating system platform; software written in Java can run on any machine that supports a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)*. The JRE includes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM or VM) and is a free download from Sun Microsystems (click here for Sun's download page and see note*** below) and is available for all modern operating system platforms.

Thus JSpamFilter is not tied to any particular operating system. Additionally, because JSpamFilter is SMTP-compliant (please see the JSpamFilter Technical Description for details), JSpamFilter is also not tied to any particular mail server platform.

Java has become very popular for server-side applications because it is portable, high-performance and very secure. Java applications are, by virtue of their insulation from the underlying operating system, not as sensitive to operating system patch applications or updates.

JSpamFilter is SMTP-compliant and functions as a TCP/IP proxy for SMTP communications between the local mail server and other mail servers.

Remote Mail Server(s)   By far, most Internet mail travels by SMTP.       JSpamFilter is SMTP-compliant. Local Mail Server(s)

*Click here for a list of some of the operating systems and mail servers compatible with JSpamFilter.

**All major mail servers allow you to set the listening and talk ports; however, there are a few brands that won't. JSpamFilter will still work with these mail servers, but you won't be able to run JSpamFilter on the same machine as the mail server. See the JSpamFilter Manual Section: "Platform-Specific Installation Instructions" for details).

***Microsoft Windows Users: Please download the full Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is a free download as well, and contains the server version of the JRE. We do not recommend using the "client" version of the jvm.dll that comes with the standalone JRE install. For most users, we are currently recommending version 1.4.2_03) though JSpamFilter works perfectly with Tiger/1.5.x
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