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 : High Performance
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JSpamFilter is very fast and very lightweight.
JSpamFilter is built for speed: email messages often take less than 30 milliseconds to analyze on a 1.33 GHz Pentium III with 512 MB RAM running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Using just 64 MB of RAM on the above system, JSpamFilter can easily handle 1,000 messages per minute. JSpamFilter can run on any machine in the mail flow prior to the mail server, including gateways, the mail server itself, or on its own separate machine.

We recommend having 64 MB free RAM for JSpamFilter. This is dependent on the number of expected messages per second and the selected buffer size*, more or less RAM might be appropriate depending on throughput volume. Essentially any hardware supporting the one of the listed operating system platforms will be adequate, we recommend processor speeds of at least 400 MHz.

Click here for a description of the different versions of JSpamFilter.

Click here for our recommended configuration along with a partial list of compatible operating systems and mail servers.

*There are several parameters that determine overall performance and the numbers above represent a typical configuration.
**The buffer size setting determines how much of the message is read into RAM and processed. Increasing the buffer size will increase CPU utilization. Click here for the manual section covering the buffer size setting.
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