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Part 13 (Advanced Configuration Options I)
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Platform-Specific Installation Instructions
Microsoft Windows
UNIX-like Systems
Novell Netware
Uninstall Instructions
Windows NT/2000/2003

There are several pieces of software available that can be used to install JSpamFilter as a service. We've successfully tested "JavaService" from Once javaservice.exe was copied to, for instance, C:\JSpamFilter directory, the one-line command used was (from within the JSpamFilter directory):

(Your browser will probably word-wrap this to several lines; change the path to the jvm.dll to match your Java installation:)

javaservice -install JSpamFilter "c:\jdk\jre\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll" -Djava.class.path=c:\JSpamFilter\JSpamFilter.jar -start JSpamFilter -params c:\JSpamFilter\jspamfilter.conf -out c:\JSpamFilter\stdout.txt -err c:\JSpamFilter\stderr.txt

The response you receive should be:

The service was successfully installed.

At this point, you should be able to start the service by typing:

net start JSpamFilter

If you have problems, check stdout.txt and stderr.txt for error messages. The class name in the "-start" parameter is case sensitive; if you get "Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:jspamfilter", it means you typed "-start jspamfilter" instead of "-start JSpamFilter". Run the command "javaservice -uninstall JSpamFilter" and try again.

UNIX-like Systems:

Installation of JSpamFilter amounts to downloading the Full Archive, decompressing the archive to the directory of your choice and then simply add this command:

java -jar /usr/JSpamFilter/JSpamFilter.jar /usr/JSpamFilter/JSpamFilter.conf

to your RC scripts. (Change the paths as appropriate to reflect the directory into you which you decompressed the archive). You then establish the settings for JSpamFilter by editing the JSpamFilter.conf file that comes with the archive. While there is no graphical installer yet for non-Windows installation, the installation instructions for the graphical installer available here do cover the parameters and choices appropriate for installations on all platforms.

Novell Netware / Groupwise:

JSpamFilter requires a JVM version of 1.3 or higher. If required, newer versions of the Novell JVM can be downloaded from

Load java.nlm, then execute JSpamFilter with a command something like this:

java -jar sys:\jspamfilter\jspamfilter.jar sys:\jspamfilter\jspamfilter.conf

You can set the listening port for the GWIA to 26 by following the instructions here:

Uninstalling JSpamFilter

To uninstall JSpamFilter for Microsoft Windows, run the following command from a console:


Note that you have to be "in" the JSpamFilter directory (where the UninstallService.bat file is located). This will unistall the JavaService; then just delete the JSpamFilter directory.

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