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Part 14 (Advanced Configuration Options II)
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JSpamFilter Troubleshooting Checklist
Useful Diagnostic Tip 0.) Make sure your license data is correctly entered into your JSpamFilter.conf file, JSpamFilter will refuse to start if the license key data is incorrectly written:
  • If you're using a trial license key, make sure that both the license data and the expiration date lines are present.
  • If you've purchased a permanent license key (thank you!), make sure the expiration date from any previous trial version has been removed.
  • Make sure you copy the license data in its entiriety.
  • Make sure there aren't any leading or trailing spaces on the license key line. Place a cursor on the license key line in your JSpamFilter.conf file, hit "End" and "Home" to see if there are any spaces and remove any that might be there.
Useful Diagnostic Tip 1.) Are you running a Java virtual machine with a version of at least 1.4?
Useful Diagnostic Tip 2.) Does JSpamFilter show up as "Running" in the Services Control Panel (Windows) or process list ("ps -aux" should show a Java process under Linux)?
If you start JSpamFilter from the Services Control Panel and receive the following error:
Service Start Error
Then you should check your JSpamFilter license and see if the expiration date has passed.
Useful Diagnostic Tip 3.) If not, Are any error messages logged to the console on startup? (Windows users should check the "stdout.txt" and "stderr.txt" files)
Useful Diagnostic Tip 4.) Does "netstat -an" show a process listening on both port 25 and 26? If not, make sure your mail server is listening on 26 and JSpamFilter is on 25. Verify that jspamfilter.conf reflects this.
Useful Diagnostic Tip 5.) If you telnet to port 25 on the mail server ("telnet [servername] 25"), do you get a mail server greeting message? If not, check the log, and make sure the mail server is running on the IP and port that you told JSpamFilter to find it at.
Useful Diagnostic Tip 6.) Does the logfile indicate that connections are being received? If you are getting a message about "No response from the mail server" then the mail server is not running at the IP and port JSpamFilter is expecting.
This is a common question.

What happens if a DNSBL is unavailable?

Very little. Most DNS servers will give up in a few seconds. If the DNS lookup fails, then JSpamFilter assumes the remote server is not listed, so the net effect is that JSpamFilter pauses for a few seconds, then continues as if the lookup was not even requested.
This is a common question.

The score should be higher for some messages!

JSpamFilter only reads the first 10000 bytes (i.e., the value of the BufferSize setting) of the message; it's possible that the keywords appeared after that boundary. It's also possible that certain encoding is causing JSpamFilter to not "see" a word or phrase. If you find a message mis-scored in this way, please forward it (as an attachment) to
This is a common question.

FilterTest isn't finding keyphrases in some messages.

FilterTest, providing an accurate simulation of JSpamFilter, only reads the first 5000 bytes (or so) of the message. It's likely that the missing keyword is after that boundary.
This is a common question.

I'm seeing "IOException" errors in the log.

These errors are caused by one end of the TCP connection unexpectedly terminating the network connection. This is due to a network problem, such as a modem losing its connection while in the middle of sending a message, and can be ignored (unless it's happening all the time, which usually means that JSpamFilter is unable to connect to the mail server it's proxying for.)
If none of this helps or if your question isn't covered, send a message to JSpamFilter Support by clicking here; please include the following information:
  • A description of the problem (please be specific.)
  • Your JSpamFilter.conf file
  • Any console output (stdout.txt and stderr.txt)
  • A logfile that includes a product restart (much useful information is logged during a restart)
  • If applicable, a logfile of the failed message while "loglevel=debug" is set in jspamfiler.conf

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