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Part 3 (Pre-Installation Checklist)
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These steps and items will be individually addressed in the following sections, the JSpamFilter pre-install checklist is:
  1. Download and install the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.x or later.*
  2. Installation Method.
  3. Mail Server Configuration Changes
  4. Valid JSpamFilter license (either permanent or non-expired Trial License Key).
*Microsoft Windows users: download the full Java Software Development Kit (SDK) and not the JRE standalone. The server version of jvm.dll is not included in the standalone JRE.

Step One: Installation of the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Please Note!    Download the Java SDK from Sun. The installation of the Java 2 SDK is very simple, all you should need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.   Note: please download and install the full Java Software Development Kit (SDK) and not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Standalone.   The SDK is also a free download and contains the full server version of the JRE. Do not use the client version of the jvm.dll that comes with the standalone JRE.

Please Note!    Note the path to your JRE executable, in Microsoft Windows, it will be something like:

Java 1.4  C:\j2sdk1.4.2_04\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll

Java 1.5  C:Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll

Note this because during the installation process you will need to confirm the location of the JRE and the JSpamFilter installer may not "guess" the right location.

Step Two: Choose Installation Method

JSpamFilter offers several different installation packages

  • Graphical installer that will prompt you for the installation parameters
  • Non-graphical installer for expert users or users of Unix-like systems.
You should choose which type of intaller you would like to use. The next section will treat the case of the graphical installer, but the choices are the same for the non-graphical installation (though the order of the choices is irrelevant).

If you choose the command line approach, note that JSpamFilter is distributed as a Java Archive (.jar) file, and accepts one command-line parameter, which should be the full path to its configuration file. If no file is specified on the command line, the "current" directory will be checked for a file called "JSpamFilter.conf".

Step Three: Determine the Configuration Changes for the Mail Server

Preliminary configuration of your mail server prior to installation of JSpamFilter: as noted in the previous section, JSpamFilter can run on essentially any machine in the mail flow.

Because JSpamFilter is going to be inserted into the mail flow "upstream" of your mail server, you must make sure that the mail server is not listening on the same port and IP address as JSpamFilter or there will be a binding error.

  • If JSpamFilter is to run on the same machine as the mail server, the mail server must be configured to listen to a port other than port 25 (the default port for incoming SMTP mail)
  • If JSpamFilter is running on another machine in the mail flow, you will need to know the IP address that the mail server is running on so that JSpamFilter can "talk" to it.
Step Three-and-a-Half: Determine the Open and Closed Ports for Your Firewall
(If you have one)

You may need to open port 26 on your firewall to make the installation proceed properly.

We've noticed a few errors with dual-homed systems (i.e., internal and external addresses on NICs) when port 26 was closed.

Step Four: Verify JSpamFilter License

Make sure that you have a valid permanent, non-expiring JSpamFilter license,
or a current, non-expired JSpamFilter Trial License Key.

JSpamFilter Trial License Keys are fully-featured 45-day evaluation licenses that are available for free on a no-obligation, no risk basis for evaluation purposes. You can request a free Trial License Key by clicking below:

JSpamFilter Trial Key Request Page.

Note that JSpamFilter Trial License Keys also include an expiration date that has to be included.

NOTE:    PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR JSPAMFILTER EVALUATION PERIOD! JSpamFilter can be evaluated on a production machine but be aware that when the evaluation period is over, all tagged messages will be tagged with the alternate tag

(Modest Software: Your JSF Evaluation has exprired)

and JSpamFilter will refuse to restart.

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