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Part 5 (JSpamFilter License and Log Directory)
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Configuration Options: Settings here are made in the jspamfilter.conf file.
Comment Format
JSpamFilter License
Log File, Log Directory and Debug Settings
Dead-Letter Mailbox
Defeat Non-SMTP Protocols: XEXCH50
Buffer Size
Filter File Path

The JSpamFilter configuration file overrides the default settings that the server starts with.

Note:    The jspamfilter.conf file is now dynamically reloaded. However, changes to the talk or listen port or IP address still require a restart.

Comment Format:
Comments can be added to the file by beginning comment lines with "//" or ";".

// (comment)


(Comments are not allowed at the end of configurations lines.) See the next section of this manual for examples of configuration files. JSpamFilter supports the following options in the file JSpamFilter.conf:

JSpamFilter License:

License=(org name):(key)

Note that Trial License Keys include an expiration date (that must be present for the Trial License Key to work). When replacing a Trial License Key, be sure to remove the "expiration=" line.

Please note the expiration date of your Trial License Key! NOTE: Please keep track of your JSpamFiter evaluation period! JSpamFilter can be evaluated on a production machine, but be aware that when the evaluation period is over, all tagged messages will be tagged with the "new" tag:

(JSpamFilter eval expired.)

and JSpamFilter will refuse to restart. Additionally, for this reason, when using an evaluation copy of JSpamFilter, we recommed that if you implement mail client rules or filters to route tagged to a particular folder or inbox that you use the full "[JSpamFilter]" tag (i.e., with square brackets) and not just the name "JSpamFilter" as the test string.

Log File, Log Directory and Debug Settings:

The directory you want JSpamFilter to create log files in. The files will be named "jspamfilteryyyymmdd.log", based on the current date. This will override LogFile, if specified. New files will be created as midnight is passed.


NOTE: you must specify a valid directory name for the logging directory or an error will occur!

The name of the file you want JSpamFilter to log to. The file will be appended to (not overwritten) when JSpamFilter restarts, and may quickly grow very large. Instead, the LogDir option is recommended. If neither LogDir nor LogFile are specified, JSpamFilter will log to the console.

The amount of data you want to log; the default is "Verbose". "Actions" will only log actions taken by JSpamFilter; "Verbose" will log all messages, and "Debug" logs all SMTP commands.

If you want the log file to show the filter entries hit, add the following line to your jspamfilter.conf file:


Tip:   Depending on the log-level used and the amount of email traffic, JSpamFilter logs can grow rapidly. For many businesses, daily log files will likely be under a megabyte per day but, however, we recommend that you watch the log files after first implementing JSpamFilter to get an idea of how quickly they will grow in your system. Establish a regular maintenance schedule to keep track of logs, in particular if disk space is a consideration.

Dead-Letter Mailbox:

JSpamFilter now gives you the option of a "dead letter mailbox" that lets you direct messages blocked after filtering to a specific mailbox. To use this feature, add the following line to your jspamfilter.conf file:


Defeat Non-SMTP Protocols: XEXCH50
To prevent abuse of Inter-Exchange connections based on the proprietary Microsoft XEXCH50 protocol from bypassing JSpamFilter, you can add the following line to your jspamfilter.conf:


Buffer Size:


Optional, default 10000. This controls how many bytes of each message are scanned for filter keywords. Increasing this value will increase the CPU utilization of JSpamFilter, but will also defeat spammer tricks such as putting 7k of whitespace at the top of HTML e-mails.

The first 10k of the message is scanned for these keyphrases, and the sum of scores (for each different keyphrase found) is totaled.

Filter File Path:


The full path to the filter.txt file, which determines the SPAM scoring.

A sample filter.txt is included in the distribution zip file.

Note:    The JSpamFilter download comes with a sample filter file. Please click here for a reorganized filter file with a categorization of filter entries that we hope will be useful. Please archive your original filter file before using this alternate version. On Windows, right-click and select "Save Target As to download (Mac: Ctrl-click and select "Download to Disk").

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