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About JSpamFilter
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Server-Side Spam Email Filtering Solution:
  Filter Spam Email Before It Gets To Your Users:   Because you're addressing the spam problem at the front door, there's less chance that a user may inadvertantly open malicious mail.
  Platform-Independent:   JSpamFilter will run on any machine that has a Java Runtime Environement (JRE) version 1.4.x or later. JSpamFilter is not tied to any Operating System or Mail Server platform.
  Flexible Installation Options:   JSpamFilter Can forward "clean" connections to the mail server. JSpamFilter can be configured to run on any machine in the mail flow, including gateways, the mail server itself and even on its own, dedicated machine.
  High Performance:   The Enterprise Version of JSpamFilter can easily process a thousand messages a minute.
  Cost-Effective:   JSpamFilter is licensed on a per-server, not per-seat basis.
  Less Software to Maintain:   You don't have to maintain or update applications on individual user computers.
  Complements Other Security Efforts:   While JSpamFilter isn't a replacement for anti-virus software, it reduces the likelihood that virus-payload-carrying messages will even get to your users.
  No Monthly Service Fees or Hassles:   Unlike filtering services, JSpamFilter is an application that runs on your network: you control JSpamFilter and your mail flow. No DNS changes to make, no monthly service or per-user fees.
JSpamFilter Feature Overview
  Keeping Spam Email out of Your Network:   A quick summary and overview of the following sections on the email testing and routing features of JSpamFilter.
Flexible mail handling options
  Refuse, Block, Tag or Route to DeadLetter Mailbox:   JSpamFilter provides several options for the handling of spam email.
  Identify Suspect Messages as Potentially Being Spam Email:   JSpamFilter can tag subject lines of suspect mail with [JSpamFilter] to allow for special routing and treatment by mail client rules.
  Block messages with particular attachment types:   JSpamFilter can block messages with particular attachment types.
  Configure with Zero Risk of False Positives:   By using JSpamFilter's tagging and DeadLetter mailbox features, all mail can be saved so that absolutely no email whatsoever is thrown away.
Support for DNS-based Lookup systems
  DNSBL Support:   JSpamFilter can use DNS-based blackhole lists (DNSBL's), such as ORDB, MAPS, SPEWS, or SpamCop
  SURBL Support:   JSpamFilter can use SURBL look-ups to identify senders of spam email.
  User-selectable choice of DNSBL and strength of response:   you choose whether to Block or Tag on a per-DNSBL basis, based on the aggressiveness of the DNSBL.
Content Filtering
  Content Filtering: Key Words and Key Phrases   Utilizing a score computed on the basis of key words and phrases and their likelihood as being found in spam, content filtering is available and the administrator manages the keyword list and defines the thresholds for "tag" and "block". Additional conditional testing based on combinations of key words facilitates refining the content tests.
  Content Filtering: Document Mark-Up and Obfuscation Filters   Senders of spam email will frequently use "malformation exploits" to disguise their message. These exploits include using numerical replacements for letters ("d00d-speak"), punctuation malformations, and manipulations of the underlying document structure and message encoding.
Network protection and simple network implementation
  Relay protection is built-in:   The relay domain list is administrator-defined and can be updated on the fly.
  Defeat exploits based on non SMTP protocols:   In particular, JSpamFilter can block mail being sent using the proprietary Microsoft Inter-Exchange XEXCH50 protocol.
  Internal domain users can send mail without question:   High-speed IP address whitelist by individual IP or /24, /16, and /8 netblock.
  Refuse mail from certain networks without question:   High-speed IP address blacklist by individual IP or /24, /16, and /8 netblock.
  Users can send mail from remote areas of the internet:   By logging in to the mail server, SMTP AUTH can be used to override relay restrictions..
Logging options
  Configurable Logging of Mail Traffic:   With configurable traffic logging options, you have a clear and easy to read and search record of all mail traffic. Logging can be configured to track filter hits, processign times, and other performance information.
Customer Testimonials
  JSpamFilter User Feedback:   Read what people are saying about JSpamFilter.
Education Users
  Using JSpamFilter in Schools:   Helping to keep inappropriate content and malware from students.

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