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Note on 64-bit Compatibility:

A 64-bit compatible version of JSpamFilter is currently under development.

We recommend only using

JSpamFilter with 32-bit systems.

Please use our free trial option to make sure that JSpamFilter works for you.

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The link to the printable version of the JSpamFilter manual is at the bottom of this page.

  Part 1 (Introduction): understanding the installation and configuring of JSpamFilter by understanding what it will do.
  Part 2 (Typical installation scenarios): a discussion of the various ways in which JSpamFilter can fit into a network mail flow.
  Part 3 (Pre-Installation Checklist): covers the installation of the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the other preliminary considerations that need to be addressed before installing JSpamFilter.
  Part 4 (Basic JSpamFilter Service Installation and Configuration): addresses the choices you will make during the installation process using the graphical Installation Assistatn. The choices and parameters covered apply to any installation; additionally, all parameters involved in the configuration of JSpamFilter are discussed in depth in subsequent pages.
  Part 5 (jspamfilter.conf: JSpamFilter License and Log Directory): setting the JSpamFilter license and directories where the logs are kept. The JSpamFilter log file is the best source of debug information; this is very useful for fine-tuning JSpamFilter's performance and for diagnosing problems, should you need to do any trouble-shooting. Also covers the BufferSize setting, Comment Format, blocking Non-SMTP protocols (XEXCH50), FilterFile path and setting the DeadLetter mailbox.
  Part 6 (jspamfilter.conf: "Talk and Listen" Parameters): setting the basic network parameters that determine the IP addresses and port numbers on which JSpamFilter is listening and talking.
  Part 7 (jspamfilter.conf: Basic Server and Domain Configuration): setting the basic network parameters that establish the (mail) server name and local domain list. See also Part 8 for advanced settings.
  Part 8 (jspamfilter.conf: Advanced Server and Domain Configuration): fine-tuning the server and domain relay and block settings.
  Part 9 (jspamfilter.conf: DNSBL and SURBL Look-Up Configuration): configuring JSpamFilter to make DNSBL and SURBL lookups and setting the action for positive lookups.
  Part 10 (jspamfilter.conf: Action Configuration): setting the default action and strength.
  Part 11a (Filtering and Blocking Message Attachments): blocking messages with particular types of attachments.
  Part 11b (Basic Filter File Parameters): how to set up the filter file.
  Part 12 (Advanced Filter File Settings): addtional settings to filter for specific strings and other conditional processing.
  Part 13 (Advanced Configuration Options I): platform-specific installation considerations. Uninstall instructions.
  Part 14 (Advanced Configuration Options II): trouble-shooting.
  Part 15 (Advanced Configuration Options III): sample configurations.
  Printable Version of the JSpamFilter Manual: the JSpamFilter manual formatted for printing.

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